Setting Up a Trust Fund

TRUST FUNDS ARE OFTEN associated with well-heeled individuals and affluent families looking to pass on their wealth to future heirs. But the reality is there are a variety of advantageous reasons to set up a trust, even if you aren’t especially rich. Still, establishing up a trust fund isn’t easy. Before you go through the […]

This is what Sarah Michelle Gellar did with her first ‘Buffy’ paycheck

Today Sarah Michelle Gellar is an actress, co-founder of organic-baking mix company Foodstirs, wife to Freddie Prinze Jr. and mom to two young kids. But In the 1990s, Gellar was a teen icon. Even then though, she was refreshingly responsible with her finances. Gellar, 41, has been acting since she was a kid — from […]

Retired and Loving It? The Differences Between Happy and Unhappy Retirees

SOME RETIREES ARE happy, while others are downright miserable. According to financial planners, what separates the happy retirees from the unhappy ones comes down to getting a few things right in pre-retirement planning. Financial advisors say happily retired clients are financially stable and have properly thought out and planned their retirement. Here’s what differentiates the […]

Can this carbon capture technology save us from climate change?

London – It’s a stark prognosis: To save the world from the worst effects of climate change, it’s likely not enough to cut carbon dioxide emissions; we need to start scrubbing carbon pollution from the atmosphere, too. And not just a little bit of carbon. Vast amounts of it. The problem is, the jury is […]

Pressure BioSciences’ Ultra Shear Technology system may solve the cannabinoid delivery issue

The company’s technology creates nano-scale emulsion mixtures that allow fluids to mix that normally don’t mix, such as CBD oil and water Pressure BioSciences Inc (OTCQB:PBIO) is advancing the development of its Ultra Shear Technology system, announcing Friday that it has completed its first working prototype. The system applies high pressure to create intense, momentary […]

To keep old growth out of new shirts, fashion turns to technology

No one dies for fashion in greater numbers than, it turns out, the trees. More than 150 million are cleared every year, shipped around the world, then pulped and processed into viscose — a.k.a. rayon, the cheap, silk-ish fabric most mass-market brands can’t survive without. For the growing number of apparel companies promising a more […]

Artificial Intelligence, China And The U.S. How The U.S. Is Losing The Technology War

National technology investment strategies are hard to define let alone pass through complicated legislative bodies, like the US Congress, even when there’s a declared war that threatens a country’s financial and economic competitiveness. The war for global leadership in artificial intelligence and machine learning is well underway, and the US is poised to lose perhaps […]

Bitcoin down 1%, heading toward lowest level of the week

Bitcoin prices are trading lower Friday, on track for back-to-back losing sessions for the first time since late October. The world’s largest digital currency is creeping toward its lowest level of the week trading at $6,357.02, down 1.3% since Thursday at 5 p.m. Eastern Time on the Kraken exchange. A move below $6,330 for bitcoin […]

Which markets are closed on Veterans Day?

Not many — bond markets are closed, but all other markets are open for business Veterans Day—intended to pay homage to U.S. military servicewomen and men—kicks off on Monday. As a result, bond markets will be closed on the federal holiday. Last year marked the first time the bond market didn’t observe the holiday—at least […]