Solar energy saves Summerside thousands over winter

System has produced 93,000 kWh of electricity A solar energy system at Credit Union Place in Summerside, P.E.I., has been performing well since it officially came online at the beginning of November, says the city’s director of community services. J. P. Desrosiers said the solar farm has been easy to care for. “Solar panels are […]

A recipe for success? Charlottetown establishing a food council

The City of Charlottetown is hoping a new working group will address food-related issues in the capital city. The idea is to establish a food council made up of public and private stakeholders who work collaboratively on identifying and improving barriers to good, healthy food. “We have a lot of different organizations working in Charlottetown […]

Free transit for kids 12 and under may be coming to Edmonton

With an idea to make Edmonton a more family-friendly place, city council is considering a plan to let children under 13 ride transit for free. The qualification is that the kids would have to be accompanied by an adult or an older teen. Councillors were concerned that opening up free transit rides for all kids […]

Booze and science on tap for Brain Awareness Week

The University of Windsor’s faculty of science has paired booze and science together for brain awareness week. About 70 students gathered at Craft Heads Brewing Company Wednesday for an evening of mini-talks by University of Windsor brain researchers. “It’s an idea to help people get to know about their brain and all the amazing things […]

One developer can play ‘Street Fighter II’ anywhere with his AR port

While the mainstream applications of augmented reality have been pretty limited, there has been a bevy of tech demos showcasing what the technology could do with better support. One example was the AR version of Super Mario Bros. that a few folks tried out in 2017. But now, developer Abhishek Singh has made something of […]

Using broken glass, this camera can capture any wavelength, from visible to IR

The camera inside your smartphone uses a lens and a red-green-blue filter to capture color images, but researchers have just developed a tiny camera that doesn’t have a lens or a colored filter, yet can take not only colored images, but infrared and ultraviolet images too. A group from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University recently announced […]

Cross a John Deere with a Roomba, and you get this crop-monitoring robot

Farms are a hotbed for automation. Robots, drones, and artificial intelligence have been assisting in agriculture for years and 2017 showed they could farm an acre and a half of barley, from planting to tending and harvesting, without a human stepping foot on the field. Now there is a small but robust robot that could […]

Twins prove space travel changes your genes

Research by NASA on identical twins has revealed that being in space changes human genes. Scott Kelly spent 340 days on the International Space station, while his brother Mark remained on earth as a control subject. On his return, tests showed that parts of Scott’s chromosomes, which contain DNA in which gene information is stored, […]

Why Cloud Company Stocks Are Soaring

The technology sector has reigned supreme over the last year. With sectorwide returns of 24%, it outperformed the next best sector, industrial goods, by 10 percentage points. But within tech, it’s the rise of cloud computing that’s stolen the spotlight. Cloud computing uses remote servers to store, deliver, and manage data and applications over the […]

Fitbit Releases 2 Follow-ups to the Ionic Smartwatch

Fitness wearable maker Fitbit had a forgettable end to 2017. The year was being billed as a transition period, but its long-awaited entry into the world of smartwatches — the Ionic — failed to deliver during its holiday shopping season debut. Now, 2018 will extend Fitbit’s attempted rebound, and the company didn’t waste much time […]