Logitech’s G305 is an affordable, no-lag wireless gaming mouse

Logitech’s extremely-low-latency Lightspeed technology was largely reserved for well-heeled gamers when it first hit the scene last June, but it’s a much different story a year later. The peripheral maker has unveiled the G305, a Lightspeed-equipped mouse that costs $60 — much more justifiable than the pricier G703 and G603. You won’t get a particularly exotic design (this is a standard six-button mouse), but you also won’t have to compromise on lag just because you’re using a mid-tier mouse. It uses Logitech’s newer 12,000DPI HERO sensor, too, so it promises to be as responsive as it its more expensive counterparts.

How long it lasts depends on how much you value that all-out performance. Use the G305 at full performance and you can expect 250 hours (aka just over 10 days) of continuous input with an AA battery. If you’re willing to dial back to an 8ms report rate, though, you can stretch the battery life to nine months.

The G305 should be available worldwide later in May in black and white variants. It might not have RGB lighting or an abundance of controls, but Logitech is undoubtedly betting that this is part of the appeal. This is a no-frills design for people who care only about the raw performance of their mouse and are willing to sacrifice flashiness if it leaves more money in their pockets.

This article originally appeared on Engadget.

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