Tignish Health Centre receives funding through to 2022

$45k operating grant conditional on receiving a budget and operational documents from the centre

The Tignish Health Centre is receiving government funding until at least 2022, the province has announced. (CBC)

The provincial government is continuing its funding of the Tignish Health Centre through to 2022.

The government said it would provide an operating grant of $45,000 to the centre. The province has provided funding to the centre since 2012.

The Tignish Health Centre is open five days per week and offers a number of services, including family medicine, women’s wellness, diabetes education and physiotherapy.

“We recognize the importance of ensuring Islanders have access to health care services close to home,” Health and Wellness Minister Robert Mitchell said in a statement.

The province said the annual grant will be provided when a budget and an operational plan are delivered that show how the money will be used to improve access to community health services for residents of West Prince.

“We are so pleased to have continued, stable funding over the coming years,” said Wendy Arsenault, manager of the centre. “The guaranteed funding will not only allow us to keep the centre going on a day-to-day basis, it will benefit the patients and staff by allowing for updates to the building itself and equipment that support the many services we provide.”

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