Disney Parks’ Most Coveted Jobs, According to Cast Members

According to cast members, these are the best jobs you can have at Disney Parks. (Disney)

There’s so much you can learn from an Ask Reddit thread, especially if you’re a Disney fan. Users on a subreddit were asked what the best job at a Disney park is, and many park insiders had some advice for prospective applicants.

It may come as a surprise, but the top comment on the thread, provided by user Susurrations, answered that the best job in the park isn’t as a character or ride operator — it’s as the park’s electrician.

The Reddit user wrote that their brother works this job at a Disney park: “Most of the year he drives around in a little golf cart all day and fixes stupid simple quick-fix type stuff… Part of the year he helps with attraction renovation which is harder work but he loves getting to see behind the scenes of big rides and such.”

The user added: “Also, apparently his golf cart goes the perfect speed for hatching eggs in Pokemon Go.”

Not a bad gig.

Some other intriguing career paths mentioned in the thread included working in Animal Kingdom (because it closes the earliest), being a “face” character, like a Disney Princess, and working as a server at VIP Club 33 (because of the tips).

According to one user, who said they worked at Disney’s California Adventure for four years, everyone wants to work on the “red triangle rides,” which results in slightly higher pay. “The ride people wanted in my area was screamin or grizzly,” they said.

Get your pens ready and fill out those applications. Summer is just around the corner.

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