EVgo and Electrify America let you charge your EV with just one account

Drivers on either network can use both types of charges with no extra fee.

EVgo and Electrify America have announced a partnership that will make it less of a hassle for EV owners to find a charge. Drivers will be able to access public chargers on either network without the need to create a new membership or pay additional fees, the companies said. The agreement covers over 3,000 DC fast chargers at more than 1,000 stations across the US.

This is a good, and necessary step. One reason that Tesla dominates EV sales is because of its extensive and very rapid Supercharging network, which we called its killer app. “Third-party charging stations frankly don’t cut it for long trips,” said Engadget’s Roberto Baldwin. “I’d have to use multiple apps to find chargers and hope that the meager number of stations aren’t already full when I arrive.”

The major charging networks apart from Tesla apparently understand this problem and are trying to deal with it. EVgo and Electrify America have also created agreements with ChargePoint, EV connect and other companies, but they’re two of the larger charging networks in the US. “Connecting our two networks helps ensure EV drivers have the freedom to travel on their terms without concerns of where to charge their EV along the way,” said Electrify America CEO Giovanni Palazzo.

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