Are Samsung’s Galaxy Buds the wireless headphones you’ve dreamed of?

Or are they more of a waking nightmare? Tell your tale in a user review!

While Samsung has dabbled in true wireless headphones before, this year it finally released a set designed specifically for its Galaxy lineup: the Galaxy Buds. The $130 headphones include many standard features like a charging case, on-board controls and access to virtual assistants. But they also distinguish themselves from the competition with their small size, light weight and EQ presets. While our reviewer Billy Steele enjoyed the reliable connection and decent battery life, he was disappointed by the touch controls and audio quality. Despite calling the wireless headphones a solid options for Galaxy owners, Billy handed the Galaxy Buds a cutting score of 69.

Users weren’t much kinder. There are currently 10 user reviews on our product page for the wireless headphones, with a similarly cutting average of 66. However, multiple commenters have stated they love their Galaxy Buds. So… are the Galaxy Buds really that bad?

If you own a pair of these headphones, weigh on our product page and tell us if you’re also aggravated at the lack of auto pause, irritated by the installation process or unsatisfied with your audio calls. And, if you adore your Galaxy Buds, including the controls and audio, we want to hear that too! Remember, your review could appear in a future roundup article, so include all the relevant details.

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