Installation for New Entergy Technology Begins

New technology will have new meters in homes by 2019

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — New technology is heading to homes all across Arkansas.

Entergy Arkansas, Inc. is beginning to install new communication networks all across the state. These networks are going up in advance of the meter technologies which coming statewide January 2019.

The commutation network will be able to read the new meters and will send the information back to Entergy. This would eliminate the need for drivers to have to go door to read each meter.

“Today customers are able to see their energy usage in 30-day increments they get a bill and it shows their 30-day usage,” says David Wasson, spokesperson for Entergy Arkansas, Inc. “Tomorrow, we are installing advanced meters in the future that will let customers be able to see their usage the day after the usage occurs in 15-minute increments.”

Only 63 of the 75 counties will be affected by the new technology, including Little Rock. The meters are said to look no different the already digital meters out on the market.

“We have 70,000 customers living in Arkansas,” explains Wasson. “So this process is going to last from now until 2021 – it’s a methodical approach we are taking.”

The new technology will allow customers to track their energy usage and see where they are spending the most energy.

“Residents can sign into a portal to manage their energy usage,” says Wasson.

The new installation comes at no cost to current customers. Customers do have the option to opt-out of the new program but will be charged a fee for a truck having to drive to their individual home in order to read their meter.

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