Magnet Technology Could Bring Manufacturing Back To America?

Making lofty claims we’ve all heard before from someone having a bad hair day, AML Superconductivity & Magnetics claims its PM-Wire permanent-magnet technology could change the face of industries and bring manufacturing back to America. Reportedly, the company has completed successful development and testing of its permanent magnet manufacturing technology, that it claims is positioned to fundamentally change the way electric motors and generators are designed, manufactured and used across industries worldwide.

The approach represented by PM-Wire increases performance for permanent magnet-based products like electric motors and generators, so they can achieve the highest possible power density and specific torque resulting in the lowest possible weight and highest efficiency at a cost far less than any existing solution. AML CEO Mark Senti says, “The impact is enormous! PM-Wire has the potential to return rare earth mining and permanent magnet manufacturing to the United States, reinventing industries, including automotive, aerospace, energy, medical and maritime. The process dramatically improves the yield and removes the highly laborious process of manufacturing which is the major driver for China’s dominance of the market.”

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