B.C. pilot for $200-a-month child care gets ‘overwhelming’ response, says government

Program to convert 1,800 child-care spots in the province to $10 per day, starting in October A new B.C. government pilot program to offer parents $10-per-day childcare has received an “overwhelming response” from interested daycare providers, according to the Ministry of Children and Families. Daycare operators who want to participate in the 18-month pilot had […]

Alberta non-profit farm offers much-needed jobs for adults with autism

Triple S Ranch in Winfield, Alta., wants to help people in the adult autism community The few supports available for children diagnosed with autism mostly disappear once they reach adulthood. A new initiative in Winfield, about 120 kilometres southwest of Edmonton, hopes to change that. The Triple S Ranch and Market Garden employs adults with […]

Ottawa invests $2.2M to reduce methane emissions in oil and gas sector

The greenhouse gas is significantly more potent than carbon dioxide The federal government is investing $2.2 million in two projects intended to reduce methane emissions in Canada’s oil and gas sector. “Methane is not something that comes to everyone’s mind, but it’s 25 times more toxic, if you will, than carbon dioxide,” said Kim Rudd, […]

How a man who can’t use his legs is inspiring others to learn jiu-jitsu

‘I really would enjoy a lot more opportunity to ply my trade against people of equal skill set’ Pete McGregor is travelling across the country looking for opponents. He is one of the few paraplegic grapplers in North America and wants that to change. “Selfishly I just want more training partners,” he said. “I really […]

NVIDIA Shield gets a full-featured version of GeForce Now

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now uses the power of the cloud to turn your Mac or Windows PC into a high-end gaming machine, even if your computer is a piece of crap. Confusingly, NVIDIA has offered a service of the same name for its $200 4K Shield, but it’s not exactly like the one on PC and […]

Daimler and Bosch will use NVIDIA to power self-driving taxis

Putting self-driving cars on the streets requires a lot of computing power. Most test cars on the road have PC towers in their trunk that take up space, suck up power and produce a lot of heat. With that in mind Daimler (the parent company of Mercedes-Benz) and Bosch have announced they will be using […]

It’s now easier to change Google Assistant’s voice

Now that Google Assistant has a slew of voices to choose from, shouldn’t you have an easy interface for picking one of those voices? You do now. Google is rolling out an update that gives US users a new, simple interface for changing Assistant’s voice. It’s very colorful, to put it mildly: you just tap […]

Tesla Model 3 orders are available to everyone in North America

At last, you no longer need a reservation to order a Model 3 — if you meet the right conditions. Tesla has opened its ordering system for the ‘starter’ EV to everyone in North America, letting anyone walk through the process whether they’re ready to buy or just curious. Don’t expect to buy the exact […]

3 Top Growth Stocks to Buy Right Now

When a stock outperforms its peers by a wide margin, some investors see this as a reason to look elsewhere. It’s important, however, to identify the reason for the surging stock price, as it may be a sign that the underlying business is thriving and still has further to run. While some investors shy away […]

If You’re Retired, Consider Buying These 3 Stocks

If you’re retired, you probably already know that investing primarily in bonds isn’t likely to give you the level of income that you need. It’s not that bonds don’t deserve a prominent spot in your portfolio, but to boost your income you’ll need to invest even more heavily in stocks. Not just any kind of […]