Why Advanced Micro Devices Stock Gained 26% in May

What happened Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD) shareholders trounced the market last month. Their stock gained 26%, according to data provided by S&P; Global Market Intelligence, compared to a 2% increase in the S&P; 500. The spike contributed to head-turning gains on the chipmaker’s volatile stock, whose shares are up nearly 600% in the past […]

Amazon Needs Drones to Fix This $6 Billion Problem

Amazon’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) latest quarterly results clearly highlight that its e-commerce business is barely making any money. The company’s North American e-commerce business, which supplies 60% of its total revenue, had an operating margin of just 3.7% last quarter. The international e-commerce business was no better as it racked up an operating loss of $622 […]

How General Motors and Honda Will Fight Tesla’s Battery Advantage

General Motors (NYSE: GM) and Honda Motor (NYSE: HMC) announced that they plan to team up on advanced batteries for electric vehicles in a bid to push back against Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) and its massive Gigafactory. What’s the deal? Simply put, Honda will buy electric-vehicle battery packs from GM to use in its own vehicles. […]

AMD Announces New Threadripper and EPYC Chips

After launching the second generation of its Ryzen PC CPUs earlier this year, Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD) teased more new products at Computex 2018 earlier this month. AMD is trying to win market share from Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) in both the PC and server CPU markets, and new iterations of its Threadripper and EPYC […]

Facebook launches gaming video hub to take on Twitch

Facebook is going after those eyeballs on Twitch. The social network has launched fb.gg, a hub which makes it easier for people to find gaming content that’s been streamed on the platform. Front and centre in the hub are primarily popular titles such as Fortnite, PUBG and FIFA 18, as well as a selection of […]

Hero shooter ‘Paladins’ arrives on Nintendo Switch June 12th

  Game developer Hi-Rez Studios announced that its hero shooter Paladins will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on June 12th. It will launch next week as a $30 Founders Pack that includes all current and future champions, with a free-to-play version coming later in the summer. But the studio claims the Switch version will run […]

Amazon’s robots sent into disarray by butter spillage at warehouse

Fears that robots are set to take millions of human jobs may have been overblown – at least for now – after it emerged that spilt butter was enough to confuse Amazon’s machines. The company uses more than 100,000 robots to pick and carry products around its vast warehouses but the man in charge of […]

With artificial bone marrow, scientists aim to decode blood disease

Bone marrow is like the offensive line of the immune system — it’s an essential part of the team but doesn’t always gets the recognition. By pumping out hundreds of billions of blood cells every day, bone marrow helps us fend off disease and is essential to a healthy human body. To better understand how […]

Calgary teen adds Alberta perspective as Canadian Children’s Charter comes together

‘The process of making a charter really isn’t a single person, it’s a group effort,’ says Toney Bedell A Calgary teenager is contributing an Alberta point of view to the development of the Canadian Children’s Charter in Ottawa this week. “Overall, there was this unanimous feeling that Canada as a nation can do better for […]

Sask. senior graduating from university at 80

Better late than never. Violet Fahlman would’ve been eligible to retire about 15 years ago, but instead she’s graduating from the University of Regina’s Campion College with a degree in pastoral studies — at age 80. Fahlman said that when she graduated high school in 1956 women got a job, married and had kids. That’s […]