Solos smart glasses’ head-up display lets runners, cyclists keep eyes on road

It’s no secret that serious runners, cyclists, and triathletes try to keep close tabs on their fitness metrics while working out. Unfortunately, that usually means glancing down at a GPS watch or cycling computer to get an indication of how well they’re doing, which can cause them to break stride or momentarily take their eyes off the road. But a new product called the Solos smart glasses is looking to change that by delivering a functional head-up display that puts all of the data that outdoor athletes need within their line of sight without them ever having to look at another device.

While Apple devices come with a retina display, the Solos smart glasses use what is called a “pupil display” instead. This translucent screen provide quick access to workout information data by displaying exercise metrics in a high-resolution, bright, and full-color fashion. The display is just 4 millimeters square, which is about the size of a person’s pupil, and yet due to its proximity to the eye, it looks much larger and clearer. It is even reportedly highly visible in bright sunlight, ensuring the screen doesn’t get washed out during daytime runs and rides.

The pupil display will give Solos users a host of data, including time, distance, pace, cadence, heart rate and more. And since the diminutive screen is suspended just outside the athlete’s sunglasses, they can glance at those metrics without ever taking their eyes of the road or trail. All of those metrics can also be shared with fitness apps like Strava and MapMyRide as well.

The head-up display is just one piece of the technology that Solos brings to the table. The Solos smart glasses are also equipped with built-in speakers that enable audio prompts that offer the wearer turn-by-turn directions, updates on their progress toward user-defined goals, and the ability to listen to music. An embedded microphone can also be used with the Solos iOS and Android app to facilitate group chat too, while voice commands can be used to make phones calls, switch the metrics that are displayed, and interact with virtual assistants like Siri.

The Solos smart glasses have a battery life that lasts up to five hours, making them useful for a couple of workouts before needing a recharge. The device is available for purchase now and sells for $499.

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