Car Designers Push New Tech to Target Young Drivers

Experts at the North American International Auto Show tell CBC how they lure younger buyers

CBC’s teen auto show correspondent Kegun Morkin interviews Cristina Aquino, Ford EcoSport brand manager, about how a vehicle’s design appeals to young buyers.

Hey Alexa, start my car.

Turning on a vehicle from your bedroom by simply using your voice or telling your car to adjust your home’s temperature as you’re driving from work are just some of the latest tech trends automakers are using as they attempt to target younger demographics.

Car designers are pulling out all the stops at this year’s North American International Auto Show, and CBC Windsor teen correspondent Kegun Morkin was there to find out more.

The 15-year-old spoke with a number of major automakers to find out how a car’s design, both inside and out, appeals to people like him.

Alexa in your car

Toyota is planning to be the first automaker to integrate Amazon’s Alexa-controlled Echo smart system that can connect to both a vehicle and your home.

Toyota Division group vice president and general manager Jack Hollis, tells Morkin the secret to speaking to a younger audience.

‘Every crease has a purpose’

Other automakers focus heavily on the physical design — or “sex appeal” — of a vehicle when thinking of younger buyers.

Emile Korkor, brand manager for Acura Canada, explains to Morkin that delicate balance needed in a good design.

Connected cars

Ford is focusing heavily on attracting those who may have passengers watching TV, or have a laptop and a cell phone and tablet within reach.

Ford EcoSport brand manager Cristina Aquino explains to Morkin how you can stay connected through your car.

Upgraded features become standard

The quest to attract young car buyers is becoming so competitive, some auto companies are making certain design features standard that you may pay extra for in other brands.

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