Vote: What city is most worth visiting in Canada?

Toronto is playing in the big leagues now after it’s included in a list of top 10 cities to visit in the Americas.

Canadians awakened to some shocking news yesterday morning as the venerable New York Times listed Saskatoon, Sask. as one of it’s 52 places to visit in 2018. While being the only Canadian city to make the cut, the paper of record highlights some new attractions that the country’s 16th-largest city has to offer outside visitors.

Unbeknownst to most Canadians, a number of iconic 20th century artists, like Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, are among the artists whose work is displayed among the 8,000 pieces of artwork held by the museum. According to Tourism Saskatoon, the city earns $350 million a year from 2.1 million annual visits. The Times also highlighted that the city is currently developing its riverfront and the recent upgrades made to the city’s airport.

So far, Saskatoon’s selection as the only Canadian destination has drawn little controversy, at least judging by the online reaction.

The poll does beg the question of why other Canadian locations weren’t selected. Many of the places named by the New York Times weren’t specifically cities but regions or entire countries.

Larger regions could’ve been highlighted, like the Okanagan Valley or Niagara’s wine country. Or the hundreds of national parks from coast to coast to coast that dot the country. Or any of the 15 Canadian cities with populations larger than Saskatoon’s. Toronto, for instance, is one of the top 10 cities to visit in the Americas, according to a new report by business intelligence company Euromonitor International. Then again, the Times did name the entirety of Canada as a top spot for travellers to visit last year. So who knows what their game is.

Nevertheless, a lingering question must be put to a vote. What Canadian city do you think is most worth visiting?

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