The first digital wristwatch gets a modern update

A slightly modern update, that is.

Back in 1970, a company called Hamilton launched the first digital wristwatch ever, and it became such a huge hit Roger Moore wore it as James Bond in Live And Let Die. Now, the historic wristwatch is back, with some modern upgrades, for its 50th anniversary. The Hamilton PSR looks just like the Pulsar Time Computer — that’s what the original watch was called — and even uses a similar pushbutton illumination system.

It’s a very basic wristwatch like the Pulsar was without the trappings of most modern smartwatches: All it can do is tell the time. According to Hodinkee, though, the PSR has a hybrid display unlike the original that only has an LED display and doesn’t show the time unless you’re pressing a button. The time remains readable even when it’s light out, and pressing its button activates an OLED display that makes the digits pop. Also, the PSR has a sapphire crystal anti-reflective coating and is water resistant for up to 330 feet.

Hamilton is releasing two versions of the PSR in May. It will manufacture 1,970 pieces of the yellow gold limited edition model that will set you back $995. Meanwhile, the non-limited edition steel version will cost $745.

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