Women are struggling to find men who are financial equals

The marriage vow that usually involves a variation of “for richer or poorer” may no longer apply.

Women may now want to add “as long as you make as much money as me.”

It seems many men aren’t getting up to the income level that women prefer in a potential marriage partner, according to the New York Post.

That has left successful ladies single and disgruntled, according to a Cornell University study.

Cornell sociologists explored America’s declining marriage rate and discovered a lack of financially eligible bachelors in a study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family.

Women want partners whom they consider equals.

In the last decade, women have been outpacing men educationally and topping them in income, according to The Post.

While many marry for love, the lead author of the study Daniel T. Lichter says, “it also is fundamentally an economic transaction.”

A lack of good jobs and the emergence of the gig economy are seen as reasons that single men have fallen economically behind.

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