Microsoft’s ‘Your Phone’ screen mirroring app is down

It’s supposed to link your PC and Android, but it’s been unavailable for most of the day.

Microsoft’s Your Phone feature has been down for most of the day. When it’s working, the new app lets users mirror their Android device’s screen on a Windows 10 PC. But the app has been struggling to connect since early this morning. “We’ve identified a potential issue within infrastructure responsible for processing service traffic,” Microsoft’s service outage page says. “We’re taking corrective action and we’ll closely monitor the service to ensure recovery.”

This is bad timing for an outage. As The Verge explains, the Galaxy Note 10 has its own version of Your Phone, called “Link to PC.” That phone just went on sale last week, and Link to PC is reportedly unavailable as part of this outage.

Typically, the app lets you reply to texts, access files and manage phone notifications from your PC. The feature has been in Insider testing since this spring, and Microsoft began rolling it out to PCs in July. If Microsoft can get past this hangup, it’s expected to bring the screen-mirroring capability to more handsets in the coming months.

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