Twitter’s Trust and Safety advisors say the company isn’t listening

Some members say it has been months since they last heard from the company.

It’s been three years since Twitter formed its Trust and Safety Council, tasked with combatting abuse and harassment plaguing the platform. According to a recent report from Wired, things aren’t going well. A number of members on the council sent a letter to Twitter leadership this week expressing concerns that the company is no longer listening to their recommendations. In some acses, members claim that Twitter has months without responding to messages from council members.

In the letter, obtained by Wired and published Friday, members of the council express to the company that “There have been no advance heads-up of Twitter’s policy or product changes to the council, leaving many of us to have no prior warning or let alone knowledge when answering press and media inquiries.” The members said the lack of communication is “embarrassing.” While not ever member of the council signed on to the letter, those that did have requested a meeting with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to discuss a vision for the council’s role within the company going forward.

Twitter first formed the Trust and Safety Council in 2016 following years of complaints about abuse taking place on the platform. The plan seemed to work for a time, as Twitter reported targeting and stamping out 10 times as many abusive accounts in 2017 as it had in the year prior. However, it seems as though the company has moved away from relying on its Trust and Safety Council when making decisions on how to change the platform.

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