OnePlus explains the 7’s lack of a water resistance rating

It supposedly costs customers money.

Don’t expect OnePlus to slap water and dust resistance ratings on its phones any time soon. Co-founder Carl Pei has posted the company’s rationale for declining to get an IP rating. The company wanted to do things based on “what you really need” rather than the industry, Pei said. An IP rating would be the “simplest” way to prove resistance, but OnePlus figured it was better to show what phones can “bring to you in real life.”

An accompanying video also claimed that water resistance ratings “cost you money,” and showed a OnePlus 7 model being dunked in a bucket as ‘proof’ of its ability to survive immersion.

Pei didn’t rule out IP ratings in the future, and didn’t want customers to try submerging their own phones.

Whether or not this persuades anyone is another story. It doesn’t necessarily cost the buyer money to get an IP rating — it’s up to the company to decide how that cost affects profits. And IP ratings can be particularly important if you’re a fan of the outdoors. They give you an at-a-glance understanding of whether or not a phone will survive your excursions, helping you make informed purchases. Although the absence of an IP rating doesn’t necessarily mean a phone is fragile, it won’t be very reassuring.

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