How Carry-On Bags Save Me Major Money

Several major airlines have announced recently that they’ve increased their checked bag fees — or soon will. That means $30 or more per suitcase. If you have a large family or you’re just not a light packer, these fees can add up quickly. In the past year, I’ve taken weeklong vacations in the U.S. and […]

They may share love, but many couples don’t share money

Some couples share everything, from homes, to clothes to pets. But there’s one thing many don’t mingle: finances. In fact, one-in-five people keep and manage their money separately from their partners, according to a new Policygenius survey. An even greater percentage (24%) don’t share any major financial accounts, including a checking, savings, credit card or […]

Women are losing sleep over this retirement savings fear

When it comes to retirement savings, living too long can be a blessing or a curse. For women, who tend to outlive men and spend years caring for family members, it’s a major cause of anxiety. Those were the findings of a recent survey by the Nationwide Retirement Institute. In February, the institute performed an […]

The top reason people start a side business may not be what you think

More money. That’s the plain and simple truth about starting a side business. About 57 million Americans have a side hustle, according to The Hartford. The insurance company conducted an online survey of 4,135 U.S. adults in May – 1,033 of whom said they have a side business. More than half of these part-time business-owners work […]

As facial-recognition technology grows, so does wariness about privacy

RealNetworks is offering schools a new, free security tool: facial-recognition software. But as the technology moves further into public spaces, it’s raising privacy concerns and calls for regulation — even from the technology companies that are inventing the biometric software. As Mike Vance approaches the glass door that leads to RealNetworks’ engineering office, he smiles […]

A new era for brokers: how technology is redrawing the blueprint for success

An unprecedented capacity crunch. Archaic processes badly in need of reinvention. New Uber-like technology entrants bent on cutting out the broker. The blurring of asset vs. non-asset providers. Seldom in the brokerage market’s history has there been a time of such massive upheaval—and opportunity. How do brokers respond, transform and emerge on the other side […]

BP, Johnston Matthey license technology to Fulcrom BioEnergy

BP and Johnson Matthey have signed an agreement with Fulcrum BioEnergy to license their Fischer Tropsch (FT) technology to support Fulcrum’s drive to convert municipal solid waste into biojet fuel. BP and JM have developed a simple-to-operate and cost-advantaged FT technology that can operate both at large and small scale to economically convert synthesis gas, […]

Can Technology Help Us Move To A Four-Day Workweek?

The idea of a four-day workweek has been floating around for decades, spurring employees everywhere to picture what they could do with a three-day weekend every week. Employers might be a harder sell, but that hasn’t stopped several companies from running the experiment. And, thanks to advances in technology, that corporate policy may become more […]

BlackBerry Limited (BB:CA) Rises 10.17% for September 28

September 28 was a positive day for BlackBerry Limited (BB:CA) as its stock finished the day having gained 10.17% to hit a price of $14.62 a share. The company reached a market cap of 7.86 billion and has 537.77 million shares outstanding. BlackBerry Limited is a component of the the S&P/TSX Composite Index. 8.23 million […]

Palladium may soon be worth more than gold

The price of palladium has had an impressive climb of nearly 30% over the past six weeks, and could become more valuable than gold for the first time in 16 years. Futures prices for palladium PAZ8, -0.62% which is widely used in the pollution-control catalytic converters on gasoline-powered vehicles, jumped from a mid-August settlement low […]

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