Livio AI hearing aid doubles as a fitness tracker

It even includes Alexa voice control.

Hearing aid giant Starkey has dabbled in smart listening devices before, but not like this. The company has unveiled Livio AI, an earpiece that’s as much a connected wearable as it is an audio booster. Its AI and sensors will improve your hearing, to be clear — it can automatically compensate for loud environments and switch modes based on location, with a mobile app providing fine-tuning. However, it’s also loaded with features that would normally require a fitness tracker or smartphone.

Livio AI uses motion sensing to detect your physical activity, and can gauge your “brain health” (that is, cognitive functions) by gauging your use in social situations. You’ll rate well if you both keep moving and frequently talk with others, in other words. You can also use it as an Alexa voice controller or to stream music and TV audio. And in a nod to Google’s Pixel Buds, there’s built-in language translation.

The device is available in North America right now, with plans to reach over 20 countries in 2019. There’s no mention of price, although you’ll probably be consulting with an expert before slipping this into your ear.

This article originally appeared on Engadget.

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