Amazon brings its kid-friendly FreeTime Unlimited app to iOS

It’s about time.


Amazon’s kid-friendly FreeTime Unlimited first launched onto Fire devices in 2012. The curated video and book service made the jump to Android last year and has just landed on iOS. It brings with it the same features as on other platforms, including parental controls, popular characters and a monthly fee.

FreeTime gives your kid unlimited access to more than 10,000 age-appropriate books, movies and TV shows with characters from Disney, PBS Kids, Nickelodeon and Nick Jr., Marvel and some Amazon Originals. Parents have access to a dashboard that lets them see what their children are reading and watching for the past 90 days. There are some discussion starters, too, that will help prompt you to chat with your kids about what they’ve seen and read. You can create up to four different child profiles, each with its own age range, and can switch between them easily.

FreeTime is, well, free for a month; you can use it on multiple devices, too, so you’re not locked in to one iPad. Prime members will pay $3 for a single child and $7 for a family of up to four children. Otherwise, you’ll need to come up with $5 for one kid and $10 per month for a family. A one-year pre-paid Family Plan is $119 for non-Prime members, and $83 with Prime.


This article originally appeared on Engadget.

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