Google Assistant and Alexa might be coming to Xbox One

Some of us already like screaming at our Xbox when things don’t go our way, but you might be able to make those vocalisations useful.

As first reported by Windows Central, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants are on their way to the console, giving users an additional option on top of Microsoft’s Cortana.

A screenshot from an upcoming version of the Xbox One software shows a digital assistants section in the console’s preferences menu, where it also asks users to add Xbox related skills via the Alexa app.

It’s unclear yet as to what kind of commands will be available, but if it’s like Cortana (and the long dead Kinect) you’d hopefully be able to switch your Xbox on or off, as well as get information about sports and weather.

But instead of using a headset, you’d hopefully be able to use your current smart speaker set-up to complete these commands.

The revelation comes shortly after Microsoft’s Build 2018 announcement that Cortana would link up with Alexa, demonstrating how the two digital assistants would be able to talk to each other.

That partnership began last year, with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella proclaiming in a keynote that the company must adapt to a “multi-agent” world.

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