Sudbury Cancer Society volunteer encourages other to get involved

Helene Landry is a volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society in Sudbury. (Markus Schwabe/CBC)

About nine years ago, Sudbury’s Helene Landry was invited to attend Relay For Life, an annual event organized by the Canadian Cancer Society.

“[It] was very moving and very inspirational,” she said.

“That was pretty well the door that opened to my association with the Canadian Cancer Society.”

Cancer is a topic that is personal for Landry. She lost her sister-in-law to it and then her mother in 2014.

“[It] was probably the most difficult thing to go through,” she said.

“It’s difficult to lose a parent, period. But to see a parent suffer, it just does a little something to you.”

Throughout the years, Landry has volunteered with the society, including the annual fundraiser of Daffodil Month held in April.

Currently, the society is looking for volunteers to sell daffodil pins and canvass neighbourhoods for donations. It says the donations help local cancer patients and their families through research and support services.

Landry says after losing family members to cancer, she feels dedicated as a volunteer.

“I don’t want cancer to win,” she said. “I want to do my part in anyway I can.”

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