The career moves that waste the most money

It might sound silly to think of money you never had as a waste. But it’s true. If you deserve a raise but don’t ask for one, or if you don’t negotiate your salary when you’re deciding whether to accept a new job, you’re losing money.

Three in five workers didn’t negotiate their job offers. Pro tip: You never want to be the first one to give a number. Let the person making the offer tell you the salary range for the position first, then ask to think about it and make a counter offer.

This is especially true for women, who tend to negotiate less than men do. In 2016, women working full time were paid just 80% of what men were paid. Men are 41% more likely to be in management and executive roles, and 20% of women believe gender has contributed to a missed promotion or raise.

If you’re applying for a new job, make sure you’re using your network. Sixty percent of people said they have referred someone for a job, and 35% said they got a job through a referral. This is pretty good news for people who hate cover letters, because 47% of job applicants said they didn’t even submit one to get a job.

If you’re asking for a raise, make sure you’ve got your accomplishments and your accolades in order. Practice what you’re going to say to your boss, bring your research to back your request and be confident.

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