Elon Musk’s Neuralink hopes to put sensors in human brains next year

A ‘sewing machine-like’ robot implants threads directly into the brain. While we wait for Neuralink to present the progress it’s made over the last couple of years in brain-computer interface technology, the New York Times has already published information from an early briefing and it’s stuff that’s straight out of science fiction. The Elon Musk-backed company claims its “sewing […]

Microsoft starts testing Internet Explorer mode for Edge

It’s giving enterprise users the go-ahead to test the Chromium browser. Microsoft’s ever-expanding tests for its Chromium-based Edge browser have reached the corporate crowd. The software firm has started enabling enterprise features in Edge’s Dev builds, most notably the vaunted Internet Explorer mode. If a company absolutely needs IE 11 to visit a legacy site, […]

Tiny vibration-powered robots could repair your body from the inside

The ‘bristle-bots’ don’t need batteries to move quickly. There are many challenges to developing robots that could operate within your body, not the least of which is finding a power source — you can’t exactly strap a big battery on them. That might not be an issue thanks to Georgia Tech researchers. They’ve developed minuscule […]

You’d Be Better Off Just Blowing Your Money: Why Retirement Planning Is Doomed

I know this is a bold, and possibly controversial title, but retirement planning is broken and leaving people broke. The destructive narrative is, “work hard, save money in a retirement plan, wait and it will all work out in the long run.” The reality is, without the ingredients of responsibility and accountability, there is no […]

Hackers broke into Sprint accounts through Samsung’s website

It’s unclear how many people were affected. Sprint’s security team is having a very, very lousy 2019. On top of the earlier Boost Mobile breach, the carrier has revealed that hackers obtained “unauthorized access” to an unspecified number of Sprint accounts through Samsung’s “add a line” website. The provider said that the data didn’t pose […]

What the IRS doesn’t tell you about self-employment taxes

Do you owe the dreaded 15.3% self-employment (SE) tax on random non-employee income that you only collect occasionally or in a one-off circumstance? Good question. This column explains why you probably don’t owe SE tax, after first covering some necessary background information. Here goes. The dreaded self-employment tax The SE tax is the way the […]

All the ways Gen X is financially wrecked

Reality bites. While millennials garner much of the negative press around financial issues — they live with their parents because they can’t get jobs! They spend all their money on avocado toast! — Gen Xers may be the ones who are really in trouble. “Gen Xers now have the highest average debt burden of any […]

Stocks to Watch: Finning International Inc. (TSX:FTT) Up +3.25%

At close of market on Monday, Finning International Inc. (TSX:FTT) stock finished trading at +3.25%, bringing the stock price to $23.81 on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The stock price saw a low of $23.28 and a high of $23.83. The company’s stock was traded 1,731 times with a total of 293,680 shares traded. Finning International […]

Stocks to Watch: BlackBerry Limited (TSX:BB) Up +1.08%

At close of market on Monday, BlackBerry Limited (TSX:BB) stock finished trading at +1.08%, bringing the stock price to $9.40 on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The stock price saw a low of $9.30 and a high of $9.46. The company’s stock was traded 3,113 times with a total of 1,236,316 shares traded. BlackBerry Limited has […]