Nearly a quarter of workers are missing out on retirement savings: Survey

A new survey has found that 31% of employed adults in the U.S. lack access to a retirement savings plan at work. Of those, three in four would likely save if they had the opportunity. That means that nearly a quarter of employed Americans are missing out on retirement savings opportunities. Prudential helped administer the survey. Phil […]

How To Get A Young Adult To Believe In Retirement Savings Success

Remember that commercial where everyone walking around had a big, huge, seven- or eight-digit number hovering over their head? That was their retirement number. They needed to save that much money to retire in comfort. How many saw that million dollar plus target and instantly gave up? It’s like when you first set out on […]

Here’s how much you should put in your 401(k) each month to retire with $2 million

Experts often recommend saving up $1 million before you retire. But for many people, even $1 million may not be enough, thanks in part to longer life expectancies and disappearing pensions. For those looking to give their retirement plan a boost, CNBC calculated how much you need to put into your 401(k) each month in order to reach […]

Surprise: People are listening to your Google Assistant queries

Google admits it transcribes a small percentage of audio recordings. It’s no secret that Google records your conversations with Google Assistant after you say a “wake word.” But what you might not know is that Google uses contractors to manually review a handful of those recordings, about 0.2 percent. Yesterday, VRT NWS released reports detailing […]

Former Tesla employee admits to storing Autopilot source code on his own iCloud

He allegedly took the code to his new employer. A former Tesla employee is being sued for downloading data related to the company’s Autopilot feature and allegedly taking that data to a Chinese rival company. In the court filing, ex-employee Guangzhi Cao admits that he accessed Tesla’s source code and uploaded the files to a […]

Google to roll out redesigned News tab

The new look is less busy and features publishers prominently. Google will soon unveil a refreshed News tab that places a priority on publishers, rather than headlines. The company today tweeted a preview of the redesigned news section for the desktop version of its search engine, which will roll out to users over the next […]

YouTube offers tiered membership levels to boost creators’ revenue

It’s updating other ways creators can make money and adding Learning Playlists, too. Last year, YouTube took to the VidCon stage to share new ways creators could make money. This year, YouTube returned with updates to those programs. For starters, it’s adding new Channel Membership levels. Since last year, fans have been able to pay […]

Stocks to Watch: Ensign Energy Services Inc. (TSX:ESI) Up +3.00%

Ensign Energy Services Inc. (TSX:ESI) stock finished trading at +3.00%, bringing the stock price to $4.46 on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The stock price saw a low of $4.38 and a high of $4.57. The company’s stock was traded 1,127 times with a total of 238,362 shares traded. Ensign Energy Services Inc. has a market […]

Stocks to Watch: TransGlobe Energy Corporation (TSX:TGL) Up +7.39%

TransGlobe Energy Corporation (TSX:TGL) stock finished trading at +7.39%, bringing the stock price to $1.89 on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The stock price saw a low of $1.83 and a high of $1.90. The company’s stock was traded 428 times with a total of 116,273 shares traded. TransGlobe Energy Corporation has a market cap of […]