This Is the Only Time You Should Accept an Early Retirement Offer

If you’ve been looking to make the math work on an early retirement, you just might get your wish. Drugmaker Pfizer recently announced a buyout offer for long-time employees, and experts say this could just be the start. This year, 300 positions have been voluntarily eliminated by U.S. employers. While that’s down considerably from the […]

The reason you’re in debt may be hiding in plain sight

More Americans appear to be spending beyond their means. And as one Reddit user discovered, living that way for too long can make it difficult to get back on track. The Redditor, who goes by vitreous_luster, posted to the personal finance subreddit seeking help creating a budget for the first time. After working through his […]

Need a holiday side job? Here’s where to look

Trying to cover holiday expenses, save a little extra or maybe just spend less time with the family? Enter: the seasonal side gig. Retailers are expected to hire as many as 650,000 workers to meet holiday demand this November and December, and wages are expected to top $15 per hour, a 32% increase over last […]

How to make sure your estate plan won’t cause a family fight

Creating an estate plan is a gift to the people you leave behind. By expressing your wishes, you’re trying to guide your loved ones at a difficult, emotional time. All too often, though, well-meaning people do things destined to create discord, rancor and resentment among their heirs. What looks good on paper may play out […]

Newcrest Mining after Telfer profitability jump with ore sorting technology

Newcrest Mining has confirmed ore sorting technology is one of several innovations it is currently investigating at group level to increase profitability and build on its substantial resource base. The gold and copper miner’s technology and innovation team spoke at length at the company’s recent investor day about how new developments could enable the miner […]

Walmart’s test store for new technology, Sam’s Club Now, opens next week in Dallas

Walmart’s warehouse club, Sam’s Club is preparing to open the doors at a new Dallas area store that will serve as a testbed for the latest in retail technology. Specifically, the retailer will test out new concepts like mobile checkout, an Amazon Go-like camera system for inventory management, electronic shelf labels, wayfinding technology for in-store […]

Emerging Advanced Cybersecurity Technology And Techniques In The U.S. Federal Government

The U.S. federal government is making strides in multiple areas of advanced approaches for cybersecurity. Various agencies have implemented new technologies and new processes to address evolving security threats. Emerging technology and approaches covered in this article that have been discussed and implemented in the federal market include the zero-trust model, predictive analytics, machine learning, […]

5G Technology Set To Fuel Technological Change And Transform Global Economy

Five key themes will shape the world in the next five years, fuelled by an unprecedented increase in the pace of technological changes, in particular the roll-out of 5G mobile technology, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The financial services giant says in its report, Transforming World – The Next 5 Years, that the […]

How much each U.S. president has contributed to the national debt

Donald Trump claimed on the campaign trail that, as president, he would completely eliminate the then–$19 trillion in national debt. Let’s just say he’s not exactly on track. Since he made that promise in early 2016, the debt has ballooned to $21.7 trillion, and his tax cuts are expected to drive that number higher. But […]

Asian markets mixed as U.S.-China trade tensions rear up again

Nikkei gains, but stocks in China, Hong Kong tumble Asian stock markets were mixed in early trading Tuesday, after Wall Street’s steep reversal following a report that the U.S. may impose more tariffs against Chinese goods. Japanese stocks were higher amid gains in financials following solid earnings results which helped offset losses in energy stocks. […]