Consider one of these tools to up your money game

The virtue of using these tools is that, simply put, you’ll finally know where all your money is going. Some even do a pretty good job of categorizing your spending—though they wouldn’t know how you use your cash—which gives you a better understanding of not just how much you’re spending, but also exactly what you’re […]

Tools and tactics to do your own financial planning

In one particular chicken-and-egg debate, what comes first is clear: It makes sense to hire a financial adviser only after you can afford one — not in the hopes of building wealth someday. Financial advisers often require a minimum amount of investable assets (for many advisers that amount is at least $250,000), and their fees […]

How to travel while you’re young—without going broke

It’s a dilemma many 20-somethings face: You badly want to travel the world. But if your bank account could talk, it would say, “Are you kidding?” When you’re just starting out, even a week-long vacation might seem like a one-way ticket to credit card debt — especially if you have a modest income or lack […]

SPD is considering technology that can crack iPhones, but is it legal?

The Seattle Police Department is considering acquiring technology that can crack a locked iPhone, but is it actually moving through the proper channels? It’s called GrayKey, and it has the ability to brute-force it’s way straight through a locked iPhone’s security. Gaining steam among law enforcement nationwide, the Seattle Police Department could be the next […]

With Technology, Law Enforcement Gets Better At Threats By Mail

Just a week after the 2001 al-Qaida attacks terrorized the U.S., anonymous letters with anthrax spores began arriving at congressional offices and media companies, killing five people, infecting 17 and unleashing its own wave of fear. The FBI investigated inconclusively for years. The main suspect, Army anthrax specialist Bruce Ivins, committed suicide in 2008. The […]

Startup Raises $8 Million for Network-on-a-Chip Technology

Modern computer chips are miniature systems, the result of decades of consolidating as many of the components on a circuit board as possible. But they would not be able to function without interconnects that allow different semiconductor blocks to communicate with each other. And as the amount of complex circuity that can be compressed on […]

UBS Outsources Advisor Technology

Fintech company Broadridge has scored its first major client for its wealth management technology platform: UBS . The Swiss bank announced Thursday it will buy Broadridge’s technology tool, which UBS advisors and their staff will use for tasks including opening client accounts, trade routing and order management, Reuters reports. One thing that’s notable about Broadridge’s […]

U.S. stock futures under pressure after Amazon, Google disappoint

U.S. stocks were poised to come under pressure on Friday, threatening to give back some of the previous session’s rally in a week marked by sharp volatility that has pushed the major indexes in and out of negative territory for the year. How are major benchmarks faring? Dow Jones Industrial Average futures YMZ8, -1.08% were […]

Trade worries weigh down Asia stocks despite big rebound in U.S.

Stocks in Asia fell Friday, following a week an up-and-down few days that has left most indexes far in the red for the week. The losses came in the face of a recovery in U.S. equity markets Thursday that followed a big selloff Wednesday. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng HSI, -1.11% index fell 1% and Singapore’s […]