23% of Americans Are Making This Mistake. Are You?

If saving money were easier, perhaps more of us would do it. But it’s hard to establish a healthy level of savings when bills beckon and temptations constantly loom. Think about it: You might have every intention of socking away $100 a week, but when your friends call and invite you to dinner and a […]

Get Your Money As Soon As You Earn It

You’re in a cash-flow crunch again. An important bill is due, and you’ve earned the money to pay that bill – but it’s not payday yet. You’re on a two-week pay cycle and have to wait for another week or so before your money is available. What are your options? Ask a friend or relative […]

Money won’t make you happier. Time will.

Almost everyone wants to talk about how busy or tired they are. But speaking about these things isn’t such a good idea. Yet people keep on harping about their full schedules and lack of sleep. That’s because they want to be seen as valuable. They believe that valuable people ostensibly earn more money, fame, and […]

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