This electric taxi service only accepts payment in song

An electric vehicle is the perfect space for a car singalong.

Belting out a Journey classic from the passenger seat goes hand-in-hand with an electric vehicle, mostly because the cars are super quiet, thanks to those emission-free battery-powered motors. Everyone can hear and appreciate your lyrical skills. Or your passion that makes up for those skills.

To show off how otherwise silent their rides are, clean energy company Fortum, which runs a charging network in the Nordic area with more than 2,000 electric car charger stations, is offering free trips in an electric shuttle — the BMW i3 — at the Finnish music festival Ruisrock next weekend.

OK, they’re not entirely free. Instead of paying for a ride around the festival grounds at the national park in Turku, Finland, you have to sing for the driver. No cash, credit or debit cards are accepted. Just singing.

An in-car tablet provides song choices and lyrics so your karaoke moment is flawless.

While an EV might offer a quiet, eco-friendly ride, these taxis are not yet autonomous and still require a driver — who, it appears, will have to listen to everyone’s off-pitch rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

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