Travel on a budget: Tips for traveling the world on a budget

Many of us may not be able to spend that much money needed for luxurious travel but wish to explore the world anyhow. Maybe you don’t know but it is possible to travel around without leaving a crack on your bank account. If you are really into traveling and want to roam around while keeping travel expenses under budget then all you have to do is to plan your travel. Here are some tried and tested tips that could help you plan a travel on a budget.

1.Plan in Advance

By planning ahead, you can prevent last-minute hurries. It actually saves time. One should plan in advance at which place he/she wants to visit, how much he/she is willing to spend, the way of transport, type of accommodation, etc. Nowadays there are many sites which help in planning.

2. Make a budget

In addition to planning in advance, you should prepare a list of overall travel expenses prior to traveling ’cause it gives you a rough idea of how much money you’re gonna need and if you can afford it. You can do a little research online and try to find out transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, food/ restaurant charges, entrance fees (if there is any) for museums, parks, or other tourist attraction. Now you know the budget, start saving!

3.Travel off Season

To save more and cut down travel expenses you should travel offseason. If you are traveling offseason then you are in for a treat as flight tickets and hotel rooms are cheaper in comparison. Also, there are chances to find great deals on accommodations. You can still use other ways to cut down on these expenses.

4. Travel like a local

If you travel like a local, there is a possibility that you will get to enjoy the best parts of the city that you actually wished to see. You can explore and find the hidden spots that other tourists never even know of. Traveling in this manner will prevent you from boredom and fulfill you with enthusiasm to find hidden gems and explore more.

5. Travel during the weekend

Most people opt for destinations within driving distance for weekends this reduces fuel charges and expenses on air tickets too. Also, there is no need to take leave from your daily schedule or jobs. The best part about weekend trips is that you will feel refreshed and energetic for the upcoming week.

6. Pack properly

One should pack his/her bag like a pro to avoid last-minute hurries and unplanned expenditures. Best way to packing properly is to choose the smaller bag, it reduces the temptation to keep adding more things, in this way it lessens your burden. You may even try rolling clothes instead of folding, this will help in keeping more useful items in the bag.

7. Use public transport

As compared to planes, buses and trains are cheaper. It’s that simple! It saves your money and may even help you to stay in a hotel room for one more day. Avoid renting cabs for local commute and try using public transportation or rent a bicycle instead which will ultimately cut down your transportation expenses and let you explore the city in detail.

8. Prefer hostels

Hostels are cheap in comparison to staying in hotels. Although, prices may differ from place to place and hostel to hostel. Hostels also allow you to stay in groups. Even some hostels permit twenty people to stay together in a room.

9. Book using a private browsing window

You should clear your browser’s data including cookies before booking flight or hotel as travel websites track your online activities using that data and know what prices you’ve been quoted when you visited earlier and show relatively high price. So, make sure you clear the data and always open incognito/ private window for booking.

10. Find a partner

Try to find a travel partner, it will help you in saving and sharing. Also, you will enjoy your trip better than before and the best thing is that you can share the same hotel room to cut accommodation charges even further. Splitting taxes and charges between the two will save you a whole lot of money.

11. Try to avoid travel agents

Don’t let travel agents manipulate you with their high-priced rooms and flight charges. For the best deals and accommodation values, research around and explore the web. Search different online travel booking companies and keep track of their sales. Sometimes the price is high and sometimes it is very low.

Preparing the overall budget for your travel is an important part of planning your vacation. It makes you realize that your dream trip is not that expensive and is actually within your reach and if not, you can start saving ’cause you now know how much you need to make it happen. Find all possible ways to cut costs to make your travel less expensive. Plan your trip patiently and wisely.

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