iOS 12 makes its easier to see which apps are destroying your iPhone battery

Apple’s finally beginning to take our battery anxiety seriously.

The upcoming iOS 12 update will include a new battery-monitoring feature that details which apps are sucking up the most battery life, according to screenshots from the current developer beta of iOS 12.

Images published by 9to5Mac show a new feature battery-tracking feature, which provides detailed stats on which apps are using the most battery throughout the day. The feature, which wasn’t mentioned during Apple’s WWDC keynote, comes with an interactive graph that breaks down battery use hour-by-hour.

Apple’s let you view battery stats in iOS for some time, but the latest updates provides a much more detailed look than ever before. Instead of simply viewing a percentage and amount of time on screen, you’ll soon be able to view both on and off screen battery usage.

The update should make it much easier to identify any apps that are sucking up a disproportionate amount of battery life.

Though the feature was left out of Apple’s keynote, the company’s obviously trying to address users’ concerns about battery life. The company added a new “battery health” setting to iOS earlier this year after being criticized for throttling performance on older phones.

The battery health feature is still around in iOS 12 too, though there are no updates to it in the current iOS 12 beta, according to 9to5mac.

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