How to Earn a Promotion at Work

Getting promoted sometimes feels like a puzzle with a solution that’s ever-changing. That’s because, at many companies, there are no hard-and-fast rules as to who gets promoted. But just because in many cases the path to a promotion is vague does not mean you can’t put yourself in the best position possible. If you follow […]

Budgeting Tips To Keep Your Small Business On Track

A proper budgeting plan is vital for any company because it allows business owners to determine whether they have enough funds to conduct operations, expand their business, and increase the generated profit. Without a budget or financial plan, a business is at the risk of spending more money than it can afford, or conversely, not […]

10 Tips for Planning a Road Trip on a Budget

The open wind, wind in your hair, with a destination in mind but time to spare—that is the ideal road trip. Yet, a road trip is also about flexible planning, budgeting, cramped legs, and the bouts of uncertainty that come with traveling from Point A to B. For everyone who wants to take a road […]