Tips to say “Yes!” to your wedding dream dress

Morgantown, WVa. – It’s the biggest fashion decision a woman will ever have to make. But the hunt for the perfect wedding gown can be filled with drama, tears, and high emotions.

Kristen DeMedici, owner of The Vow Boutique said, “The most important thing is to just have fun with it. This is an experience, this isn’t going shopping at Banana Republic for a dress for work, this is your wedding dress.”

Kristen and the girls at The Vow Boutique have some tips to finding your dream dress. First, bring supportive people with you.

“Far too many times brides leave here with a dress that was their grandmother’s favorite dress or their mom’s favorite dress and they leave their dream wedding dress here because they wanted to make someone else happy. Nothing is harder for us than watching a bride walk out that is defeated,” said DeMedici.

When it comes to trends, there is a dress for every shape, size, and style. From sheath dresses, to mermaid, trumpet, fit and flair and of course ball gowns!

“It’s super important to try on a little bit of everything. You kind of have to blindly trust your consultant too! There are so many times we’ll pull something and they are like “no no,” then you put it on and it’s a totally different dress.”

Set a dress budget before you even walk into the store. Gowns can range from $100 all the way up to $6,000.

DeMedici added, “When you come in and we ask you “what’s your budget?” we’re not asking that to be rude or noisy. We are asking it because we really want to have a guidance as to where to send you, so you’re not coming in and grabbing a beautiful Haley Paige gown only to go “I can not afford it.”

Don’t forget what is most important in a dress, is the woman who is wearing it.

“It’s a time that should be celebrated and should be fun and not stressful. It should just be have a glass of champagne and shop around and enjoy every moment of it with the people you love.”

Happy Planning!

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