Tips for photographers on a budget

Becoming a photographer doesn’t mean that you have to have to buy fancy equipment. Beautiful images can be made from the things you already have access to. Here are some tips for when you don’t have a lot of equipment to work with.

Use natural light

Natural light is going to make an image more grounded in the real world — and it’s free. Since sunlight changes throughout the day, there are a variety of moods that can be conveyed through photographs. Lighting equipment can be so expensive, with some of the cheapest kits selling for approximately $60.

Find alternatives

If you think closely about what some of the equipment does, it’s easy to come up with alternatives. For instance, a reflector disk is used to reflect light and control it. So, any reflective surface should be able to act as a reflector, like aluminum foil or reflective safety tape. Mounting those materials onto a board will give similar results. Another good alternative is using wrapping paper to replicate photo kit gels.

Be resourceful

Instead of buying a white photography backdrop, use a white piece of fabric like a bed cover. The same goes for any other backdrop. Using a patterned fabric could even improve the image and create a new perspective.

Take pictures in interesting places around you

You don’t need to book studio time to take all your photographs. Take some time out of your week to do location scouting. You can do this just by walking around your area or doing research on nearby parks. Exploring the environment around will make for a more interesting photograph than just a plain background.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, being savvy is always a good idea. If you can convey your message without having to spend a lot, you should. Having a good idea of what each piece of equipment does makes it easier to find alternatives. Photographers get caught up in the equipment side of photography and forget that the real goal is to show a new perspective.

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