‘We are ready’: Calgary girls to pitch kids’ diabetes app at Technovation competition

They are hoping it will be a game changer for kids with diabetes and Saturday, they make their case for funding.

Technovation Challenge 2018 is about lighting a flame that will someday blaze the interests of young women in traditionally male-dominated fields and a team of five Bishop Carroll High School students think they are up for it.

“It’s a competition that’s meant to empower young women in technology and business,” Rosalie Trigg told The Homestretch on Friday.

“There are teams from all around the world and everyone needs to build an app that is meant to solve a problem in the community.”

Trigg, along with Rachel Dalton, Paige Boklaschuk, Simonne Tremblay and Gillian Bibby, pitch their app DiaBuddies at the competition held at the University of Calgary on Saturday.

“It’s a diabetes tracker for kids, specifically designed for them,” Dalton explained.

“Kids can track their glucose, insulin and lifestyle habits, then it also connects with parents and doctors, so doctors can get medical data easily.”

Boklaschuk says her team had a motivation behind their choice of app.

“One of our group members actually has Type 1 diabetes so we decided to solve a problem that connects directly to us. Paper log books that many doctors prescribe aren’t good enough at developing healthy habits for children,” she said.

“We have to present our app and business plan in a four-minute pitch in front of a panel of judges and the audience. People will come around and ask us questions.”

Then it could be onto regionals and nationals, if their pitch resonates.

“We have answers lined up for questions we think we’re going to get,” Boklaschuk said.

“We are ready.”

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