7 ways to increase your success and enjoy the process

There are plenty of good ways to increase your productivity, whether by being more organized, educating yourself or re-thinking business strategies. However, sometimes what you really need is to remove some strain by adding some joy to your process.

Take these methods and attitudes to heart and you’ll find success coming to you more easily than ever.

Live your passion

Steve Jobs once said, “People with passion can change the world.”

There is going to be hard work and difficulty in any pursuit. Just remember to ask yourself, “Is my vision more powerful than the obstacles at hand?” Even if there are moments when you don’t believe it, find a way to say “yes.”

“You’ve got to find what you love,” Jobs continued. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”

Apple’s innovative success went beyond creating products to creating experiences for users.

Inspire others

Research has shown that students recalled material more accurately and organized it more effectively when they know that they’ll be expected to teach others. Teachers are said to be some of the best learners.

Though you may not have a formal teaching role in your position, consider how you can help other do their jobs more effectively by sharing your knowledge and experience. Not only will you be spreading good will and benefit for your business as a whole, you’ll be challenging yourself to re-think how you work.

Transform the mundane into the magical

No matter how accomplished or successful you are, or how much you delegate tasks, there will inevitably be work that you try to avoid but have to do anyway. “Gamification” can be a silly but fun way to make chores into much more.

Set up a series of rewards for yourself that are associated with the task. Create some friendly competition with a friend or co-worker. If you are able to, bring your work to a café, or simply play some of your favorite old music while you’re on the job.

Don’t forget to laugh

If you are serious about your professional life, chances are that you will putting yourself in stressful situations. Learning to laugh through difficult times, and even at yourself, is a great way to keep a well-rounded perspective.

Incorporation some laughter is always a wholesome little boost for your day. Even watching a funny video can set you up for staying in a good mood. Science supports that assertion.

Laughter is a great way to create and build strong relationships. It connects people. You don’t have to be the comedian of the office, but embracing the lighter side can help brighten up your coworkers’ and friends’ days.

‘Map’ out your success

Do you think that you have to keep your design or artistic side away from your business life? You don’t. Consider learning about the mental map, a deceptively simple tool for organizing thoughts and plans using visual associations centered around a main theme or idea.

Apply mental maps to your professional life by creating sheets for marketing ideas, organizational ideas and even specific clients.

Be social

Connections are essential to success in virtual every area of professional life. Make it a habit to spend some time each week planning out your social calendar. Improve relationships with coworkers, network for further opportunities and clients, and develop friendships with people who have similar goals and aspirations.

Optimize your environment

Make sure that your regular work environment fits you, your personality and your mindset. In Marie Kondo’s highly regarded book on neatness and organization, she writes that you should only keep things that bring joy into your life. Follow a similar philosophy when designing your office.

Of course, you’ll be orienting yourself toward productivity, but go ahead and include sentimental items and things that cheer you up.


Follow these tips and you’ll find yourself increasingly happy to be doing the work you love. Others will notice your attitude and will be drawn into your success as well. Enjoy the journey and the destination will be there for you.

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