Six cappuccinos or a year off your home loan?

If you have R150 in your bank account once all your fixed monthly expenses have been paid, would you typically spend or save this extra amount? If you are like many South Africans, you’ll feel that R150 is just too little to make a dent in your home loan or retirement savings so you’ll end […]

Houses Selling For More Than Asking Price

If you’re going to write a book about personal finance, Job One is to say something different than the hundreds of books already covering the topic. Novice author Gordon Stein aced this test. “Most personal finance books say save 10 per cent and invest it,” the author of Cashflow Cookbook told me when I met […]

2 Uses for Intel Corp.’s Upcoming 22FFL Manufacturing Tech

Although chip giant Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) manufactures most of its products internally using its own manufacturing process technologies, the company still outsources the production of some products to its key rival, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (NYSE: TSM). Over time, though, Intel has sought to bring those products internal. For example, Intel’s XMM 7360 and XMM […]

3 Stocks That Could Double in the Next Decade

The recipe for successful long-term investing is simple in theory but difficult in practice: Buy shares of high-quality companies; pay reasonable prices for those shares; and hold on to them for many years, unless there are legitimate reasons to sell. Failing at any one of those steps will cause trouble. Any stock could double over […]

How India Could Shape the Future of These 3 American Giants

India’s increasing economic clout puts it leagues ahead of other developing economies. Bloomberg data suggests that foreign institutional investors pumped $2.06 billion into the Indian stock market in March alone, way ahead of the $259 million that second-ranked South Korea pulled in. As it turns out, 40% of foreign funds went into two new initial […]

Why Best Buy Is Literally Becoming an Amazon Showroom

For a long time, the continued viability of Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) remained uncertain largely because of the growth of Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN). Customers were using a practice called “showrooming” where they would visit the brick-and-mortar chain, get a look at the items they hoped to buy, take advantage of Best Buy’s customer-service personnel, and […]

5 things Pinterest changed to make its app better for people who are blind

It may be playing catch-up, but Pinterest is finally making its platform more accessible to people who are blind or have low vision. On Wednesday, Pinterest announced a handful of updates across the company’s app and website, particularly aimed at being more inclusive. Steered by lead designer Long Cheng, Pinterest partnered with San Francisco non-profit […]

Amazon fixed an exploit that allowed Alexa to listen all the time

Amazon’s Alexa is good at listening, since it has to be ready when you say its wake word, like “Alexa,” “Echo” or “Computer.” That very same feature, though, has people worried about their own privacy. Researchers from security firm Checkmarx have found a way to get Alexa to listen in and send a transcript of […]