Target plans to build hundreds of EV chargers at stores across 20 states

Target wants to make your next shopping trip worth the drive, so it’s adding hundreds of charging stations for electric vehicles to its parking lots across the country.

The big-box retailer announced Monday an expanded EV charging program, offering Tesla, ChargePoint, and Electrify America charging stations for battery-powered cars that may need some extra juice while on the road.

Target currently offers the chargers in only 18 locations across five states (California, Hawaii, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Texas), but over the next two years, 100 stores in 20 states will have charging stations available.

That’s more than 600 parking spots where EV owners can charge up.

Target cites a lack of public charging stations available as a reason for why electric vehicles aren’t as popular as they could be.

The Target charging network started in 2012 with ChargePoint in limited numbers. Last year, Tesla piloted its Superchargers at some locations, and this year even more Tesla fast-charging stations will open up at Target facilities. Today’s announcement also included a new partnership with charging network Electrify America. So it’s official now: If you own an electric vehicle, your favorite parking space will probably be at your local Target in the near future.

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