Spring has finally sprung as gardeners get back to business

Spring has finally sprung as gardeners get back to business

Gardeners are finally heading back outside to plant trees, shrubs and vegetables.

Spring has waited a long time to bring warm weather to Windsor-Essex. The highest temperature recorded in March was only 14 C. And in the first part of April, temperatures rose above 20 C only one time.

Then it happened again Monday.

With temperatures hitting 22 C, local gardeners say they are finally able to take their plants outside.

Heading back outside

Karl Klinck, general manager of Orchard Farm Nursery Ltd., said recent temperatures have made it safe to plant trees and shrubs.

“The best indicator is when the grass starts to turn green. That’s when the roots are active. And that’s when you can expect your trees and shrubs are ready to grow and it’s safe for the plants. Whether it’s safe for the humans, I’m not sure,” he said.

Greenhouses getting too full

Maria Pap, owner of Flora Gardens, said her greenhouse was starting to get too full in an effort to shield plants from less-than-optimal temperatures.

“We just were finally able to move some plants … we couldn’t plant anymore,” she said.

Not every plant ready for outdoors yet

Pap, however, added high temperatures are not stable enough to warrant planting everything outside.

“Plant things that can tolerate cold, like pansies … watch your two-week weather forecast.”

Avid gardener Megz Kubis had similar reservations about moving out of greenhouses.

“We’re waiting for the frost to go away and to know that there’s not going to be another snowstorm coming before we plant anything. But it’s nice to get out here and see what we have the option of planting this year … It’s something we all look forward to as gardeners every year — getting out there, getting the sun, seeing our plants grow.” said Kubis.

Back in the routine

Residents like Millka Raskovic are just happy to get back to managing the front of their house.

“I already put some flowers in … I love [this weather]. I’ve waited too long for this. Winter was really brutal, so this is awesome.”

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