Disney World Winds the Frog with Toy Story Land

Fans of the original Toy Story movie know that the grand scheme to free Buzz Lightyear and his fellow mistreated playthings starts with the simple command of setting a wind-up frog in motion. This summer, Disney (NYSE: DIS) hopes to “wind the frog” with Toy Story Land, opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida come […]

Better Buy: CVS Health Corporation vs. Express Scripts

The U.S. healthcare industry is in the middle of an upheaval. Lines between health insurers, pharmacies, and pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) are becoming increasingly blurred. There are probably no better examples of this than CVS Health Corporation (NYSE: CVS) and Express Scripts (NASDAQ: ESRX). CVS Health ranks as the largest pharmacy chain and the second-largest […]

What to Watch When Amazon Reports Earnings This Week

Investors in Amazon.com (NASDAQ: AMZN) have had plenty to be thankful for. So far this year, the stock has avoided the rout that has claimed a number of its tech brethren. It has gained 33% in 2018, crushing the performance of the S&P 500, which has been treading water so far this year. Amazon stock […]

Investors Are Betting Big Against These 3 Retailers

Many retailers have struggled over the past few years thanks to tough competition from e-tailers and slowing brick-and-mortar traffic. Some stronger retailers survived by closing stores, cutting costs, and investing more heavily in digital channels. Others flopped as they drowned in their own markdowns. Investors can gauge how bearish the market is about certain retailers […]

Getting a crew to Mars: Here’s how NASA is tackling the mind-bending to-do list

How researchers are solving technical, psychological challenges of getting a crew to Mars and back It’s the kind of thing that seems doable, in a “surely-someone-will-figure-it-out” kind of way. That is, until you consider the nearly endless list of details involved. Getting humans safely to and from Mars, long a staple of Hollywood movies, has […]

Smart glasses could stream video without killing your battery

There a number of reasons why camera-equipped smart glasses haven’t taken off, whether it’s dorky designs, bans or just a lack of practical applications beyond niche audiences. However, there’s a common theme for them all: they need big batteries to handle all that streaming video, which guarantees a bulky set of spectacles. There might be […]

Amazon’s new blockchain service competes with similar products from Oracle and IBM

Amazon Web Services announced Blockchain Templates late last week, a “blockchain -as-a-service” offering that competes with similar products from Oracle and IBM. The launch shows how eager the biggest enterprise players are to get ahead in the blockchain game even if their customers are still trying to pinpoint exactly what blockchain can do for them […]

Develop your cursory knowledge even faster with Wikipedia’s Page Previews

Wikipedia puts the world’s collected knowledge within the reach of just a few mouse clicks. And now, thanks to a new feature called Page Previews, it takes even fewer. It’s a straightforward idea that will make it markedly easier to gain a cursory knowledge of a subject in order to dazzle your friends and turn […]

NCC to expand access to 19th-century pulp mill ruins

The National Capital Commission’s board of directors has approved a multi-million dollar project to make the ruins of a 19th-century pulp mill near the Portage Bridge more accessible to the public. According to the report presented to the board on April 19, the $4.4 million project’s goal is to expand access to the Bronson Pulp […]

New artwork brightens up pediatrics unit at QEH

It may not be just what the doctor ordered, but for 11-year-old Ava MacNeill, the new artwork on the hospital walls is the perfect remedy to put a smile on her face. Ava has been undergoing months of chemo at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Charlottetown. As her mom wheels her along the corridors, they […]

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