Retirement Savings Better Than Ever

America’s collective readiness for retirement is improving, according to Fidelity’s latest Retirement Savings Assessment study. The study distills America’s retirement readiness into a single score representing the percentage of estimated retirement income that the average saver will require. According to the current study, America’s combined retirement score is 80 – meaning that the average American […]

Tips to Save Money on Popular Wellness Items

As spring begins to bloom, and Americans break out of winter hibernation, improving wellness and working on a healthier lifestyle enters the forefront of their minds. Without spending a dime, you can benefit from the warmer temperatures of spring. Crack open your windows to air out your home, take more outdoor walks or bring your […]

This Travel Blogger Shares 6 Tips on How to Make Money on Instagram

Instagram has more than 800 million users, but not all of them have figured out how to make money from their feeds. However, Viktoria Altman, the blogger behind TravelTipster, is a social media maven who has cracked the code. Since she started using her Instagram for business purposes in late 2016, Altman has built a […]

This simple budget can help you save way more without sacrificing your lifestyle

If you’re working hard but are in disbelief about the state of your bank account, you’re not alone. A recent national survey revealed that 44 percent of Americans could not afford a $400 emergency expense without borrowing or selling off assets. Americans also currently average a savings rate of significantly less than 5 percent. Luckily, […]

3 Tech Stocks to Buy and Hold for Decades

In the fast-changing world of tech investing, it might seem incongruous to talk about holding stocks for decades. The fact remains, however, that this approach is likely one of the surest paths to market-beating returns over the long term. The trick is finding companies that not only are the leaders in their respective fields, but […]

3 Top Healthcare Stocks to Buy in April

There have been more stock market pops and drops lately and that might have you wondering what healthcare stocks can be bought to take advantage of this volatility. Buying healthcare stocks during periods of volatility can be smart because demand for healthcare products and services usually isn’t discretionary. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it makes […]

3 Top Retail Stocks to Buy Right Now

The retail sector is full of both landmines and hidden treasures. Investors are just as likely to run into a ticking time bomb as they are to find a truly great business trading at an affordable share price. The rise of online shopping giants only deepens the gap between the winners and losers. To help […]

3 Top Stocks With High Dividend Yields

It’s been shown that dividend-paying stocks outperform their non-dividend-paying peers, so you may be wanting to add some dividend stocks to your portfolio. There are roughly 3,000 dividend-paying companies, though, and that can make picking the right dividend stocks a challenge. To help, we asked top Motley Fool investors what dividend stocks they think are […]

‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ revives microtransactions for cosmetics

Star Wars Battlefront II’s pay-to-win loot crate fiasco more or less ended when Electronic Arts made it so the game’s Star Card power ups could only be earned through gameplay. A month later, the company is cautiously reintroducing the buy-with-real-money Crystal currency, but you can only use it to snag cosmetic upgrades. Oh, and there’s […]

Waymo formally applies for fully driverless car tests in California

Waymo has officially applied to the California DMV to test autonomous cars without drivers in the state. A source told the San Francisco Chronicle that the company will start trials around its Mountain View headquarters where it’s been testing its self-driving Chrysler Pacific minivans, though those had personnel behind the wheel just in case. Eventually, […]