Three money-saving birthday party tips

Here are three tips on how you can spend less time and money hosting your party, and more time enjoying your child’s special day.

Reserve a shelter at a city park

Depending upon where you live and the time of year, a community park might be the best venue for your party. Not only will the children enjoy a day at a playground in fresh air and sunshine, you won’t have to pay to replace items broken by your little guests or for someone to shampoo red cake frosting out of your carpet.

We rented a huge covered shelter with five large tables for $35 for the entire day. That’s much cheaper than a trampoline park or Chuck E. Cheese’s. And when the party was over, we tossed the decorations and mess into the park’s trash cans, and left the crumbs for the birds.

Serve donuts

Seriously, who doesn’t love donuts? They’re inexpensive, come in a variety of flavors, and they’re delicious, filling and decadent. Our local, family-run donut shop makes gorgeous colorful donuts that appeal to kids and created a Pinterest-worthy display on our treats table.

Ditch the goodie bags

We don’t know who decided party hosts needed to also provide goodie bags, but that person is not appreciated by parents who are short on cash and time. Instead of goodie bags, buy a couple of bags of latex or Mylar balloons and a small helium tank. Before the party, fill the balloons and use them as decorations. The kids are absolutely thrilled to learn that they get to take one or two home at the end of the party … much more thrilled than they would be with a bag full of doodads they’ll play with for 10 seconds. The parents are also relieved of goodie bag clutter. Everybody wins!

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