Northern Ontario curler gets to fill in at the Brier

Sudbury based curler Tanner Horgan throws a rock at the 2018 Tim Hortons Brier, currently taking place in Regina, Sask. (Markus Schwabe/CBC)

A Sudbury curler who is filling in as a spare player on Brad Jacobs’ Northern Ontario curling team got a chance to play at the Brier.

The 2018 Tim Hortons Brier is currently underway in Regina, Sask.

Tanner Horgan, 20, got to compete over the weekend against Nunavut. He filled in for the third, Ryan Fry.

“I think I played pretty well for three rocks,” he said with a laugh.

The team won that game 6-3. Horgan was called back to play with the team later in the day against P.E.I.

Horgan had competed with his own rink to compete at the Brier and lost to Brad Jacobs’ rink. Shortly after the match, Horgan said he was contacted by Jacobs who asked him to be a spare.

He says so far, it’s been quite an experience competing at the Brier. Horgan says he and the coach have been busy doing behind the scenes work for the team.

“It’s eye opening,” he said.

“I truly have felt like a part of the team. I’ve felt like I’ve contributed to the process.”

Horgan says this is his first time being a part of the Brier instead of being a spectator.

“It’s amazing,” he said.

“It’s truly one of the best things about Canadian culture.”

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