Gig economy brings with it financial risks

Millennials’ love of flexibility is accelerating a worldwide shift from secure nine-to-five jobs to freelancing and short-term contracts. A study by Intuit predicts that by 2020 40% of workers in the United States will be independent contractors. The 2017 Deloitte Millennial Survey shows that 43% of South African Millennials are ready to embrace the gig […]

Here are a few simple ways to save tons of money

Want to find some real savings in your budget? Cutting out lattes and avocado toast probably isn’t the way to go. Housing, transportation and food: that’s what Americans spend almost 70% of their money on, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Sure, you can always cut back on extras, but it’s the biggest expenses where […]

Save money with these Easyjet flight hacks

Budget airline Easyjet is devising ways to make its flights even more affordable, with brand new services including offering passengers pet-sitters and house-sitters when booking a flight. The aim with these services is to help travellers save more money on flights, with 40 per cent of households owning pets. That’s all well and good for […]

In the red before you wed? Talk debt with your partner

Commitment, shared goals and mutual understanding can provide a strong foundation for a marriage — and so can having your financial house in order. With eight in 10 American households carrying some form of debt, such as credit card bills and student loans, according to a 2015 Pew Research report, it’s not surprising couples are […]