Time-saving tips for working mamas

Being a mother is hectic.

That’s not news to us. It’s likely not to you. And it definitely isn’t to parenting blogger Cheree Lawrence.

Cheree, 33, shares her thoughts, feelings and tips on parenting at Oh So Busy Mum and as a parent to four girls aged 14, 13, six and five that’s exactly what she is.

And like us, Cheree is always on the lookout for time-saving tips, clever hacks and, most importantly, ways to stay in tip top shape all year round.

Cheree, like us, knows that raising kids is the best job in the world, but it’s demanding – and it’s even harder if we get run-down, exhausted or worse, sick. With that in mind, she likes to do the following – time-saving tips that provide health benefits too.


1. Organise your day the night before

“We all know that being organised means getting out the door more quickly the following day. If everything is in its place, then getting ready to go is that much more simple.

“Make sure the kids lunches and your lunch and snacks for the day are prepared the night before to stay on a healthy path.

“For a quick breakfast in the morning, I sometimes make a protein powder smoothie so that I can drink in the car while doing school drop off.”

2. Prepare meals and freeze

“I buy in bulk and cook in batches. It saves money and limits food waste plus ensures I’ve always got something for the kids and myself ready to go.

“Some of my favourite foods to freeze include; rice, cooked pasta, fruit, eggs and fresh herbs.”

3. Store healthy snacks

“I always make sure I have a healthy snacks for myself and the kids on hand.

“Fruit, nuts and carrot sticks are great options for the kids. I also love hummus and sometimes a protein bar to keep me going through the afternoon slump.”

4. Schedule you time

“You don’t need to run off for a week-long trip to Bali (unless of course, you want to) to recharge the battery.

“Try and organise a few hours to go for a walk with a friend, it’s the perfect mum time and is great for incorporating exercise into your day, without even realising.”

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