Data science jobs make the big bucks, and these tools can help you get one

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If you work in the digital space, you know how important data is.

We live in a world with unprecedented amounts of stats, facts, and figures, and it’s slightly overwhelming. And in order to make that data useful, companies need to hire analysts who know how to sift through it and find meaningful patterns. According to GlassDoor, a typical data scientist earns about $120,000 per year, meaning this is the kind of career that can get you living that good life.

If you’re ready to start crunching numbers, you’ll want to dive into the Machine Learning and Data Science Bundle to make sure you’re prepared to wow recruiters with the right skills. You can enroll now in the Mashable Shop for just $34. Considering you’d pay more than $400 for these tools anywhere else, you should probably get on this deal.

The bundle includes six key eBooks:

Learning Ansible 2: Second Edition eBook

Learn how to perform basic operations like creating, copying, moving, changing, and deleting files with Ansible 2. This book will cover cloud environments on AWS and DigitalOcean, and by the end, you’ll be able to write a custom module and test it.

Practical DevOps eBook

If you want to learn how to deliver business value efficiently, you need to understand DevOps systems. In this book, you’ll familiarize yourself with all the critical DevOps tools (like Git, Puppet, and Graphite), design a Java application for continuous deployment systems, and deploy and monitor your code.

DevOps Automation Cookbook eBook

The cool thing about DevOps is how many tools there are at your disposal. This book explores real-world issues, so you can understand how all of them apply to different situations. You’ll learn about Heroku, AWS, Docker, InfluxDB, and so many other systems that companies use every day to track trends and monitor systems.

Python Machine Learning eBook

Most data scientists have to learn Python, and this eBook will help you write clean and elegant Python code in no time (if you consider 454 pages “no time”). Python is vital if you want to work with neural networks, and this eBook will break down the statistical models that make them tick.

Mastering Python for Data Science eBook

With this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to use Python to solve applicable data science problems. If you slept through that high school math class on linear regression, don’t you worry, because Python can do all of those calculations for you.

Practical Data Analysis eBook

Once you’ve mastered the theories behind data science, you’ll need to understand how to apply them effectively so your employers can make informed decisions. This eBook focuses on data visualizations, so you can learn how to present your findings in meaningful ways.

Along with those eBooks, you’ll get access to 47 lectures on the topic across two courses:

Data Mining with Python

Not only do you need to know how to analyze data, but you also need to know how to mine it too. Python is one of the most popular languages for data mining, and in this course, you’ll learn the process of cleaning data, filtering out noise, and making predictions. As an example, if you like television, these are the kinds of skills you might need to work for a company like Nielsen, which estimates TV show viewership.

Python Machine Learning Projects

Let’s face it: the robots are coming for us, so you need to learn what makes them tick. This course will dive into the various machine learning implementations of the future (like self-driving cars). You’ll learn how to apply machine learning algorithms and implement your own models. By course’s end, you might even be able to beg the A. I. overlords to spare you.

You can get this Machine Learning and Data Science eBook and Course Bundle for just $34, that’s 92% off the regular price of $433.

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