5 Companies with the Strongest Balance Sheets in the World

A company with a strong balance sheet is “antifragile.” The word — coined by best-selling author and trader Nassim Taleb — refers to things that can actually benefit from chaos over the long-run, instead of remaining the same (robust) or outright breaking (fragile). That’s because if and when an economic downturn hits, lots of cash, […]

‘Energy hunters’: Bitcoin miners search for cheap, innovative energy sources

CALGARY — For most Canadians, Drumheller conjures up images of dinosaur bones and ancient fossils, but entrepreneur Sean Clark’s expedition in the southern Alberta town is focused on a very current obsession: Bitcoin. The CEO of Hut 8 Mining Corp. recently set up his company in the self-proclaimed ‘dinosaur capital of the world’ because its […]

How To Rip a DVD or Blu-Ray Movie

If you have a sizable collection of DVDs and Blu-ray discs gathering dust, you might want to consider digitizing those bad boys so you can watch them on your phone, computer, or tablet anywhere, anytime. (And owning a backup means you won’t have to to worry about how to fix a scratched DVD or CD.) […]

Oldest man in Canada says the trick to a long life is to pick a good wife

Esmond Allcock says the secret to living 108 years is to select the proper spouse. Allcock, from Kerrobert, Sask., located about 200 kilometres southwest of Saskatoon, celebrated his 108th birthday on Friday and is the oldest man in Canada. “I didn’t behave myself for a few years there, but then I got a really good wife,” […]

1 Self-Driving-Car Stock You Need to Look At

Maxim Integrated Products (NASDAQ: MXIM) is known as a maker of analog circuits that are used in data centers, consumer devices, the industrial market, and more. These analog circuits transfer information in electrical devices that need to connect with other devices. This makes them ideal for deployment in automotive applications where several sensors need to […]

Youth should learn about financial literacy, industry experts say

Like many Grade 12 students, Trisha Junco is interested in continuing her education after high school — but she’s still on the fence if she should go for it. Junco says she’s likely going to need to take out a loan. “I’m still going to be in college, yet I’m already in debt for something. […]