Lexus LC Convertible Could Appear in 18 Months, LC F to Follow

Auto Express reports that Lexus has a approved a convertible version of the LC, and is close to green-lighting a high-performance LC F trim. The Detroit Bureau reported that the same two models were in development one year ago, citing Lexus sources at the Detroit Auto Show who told the outlet “a number of additional […]

U.S. To Make Streaming Services Pay More For Music

(Reuters) – U.S. copyright authorities on Saturday decided to increase over the next five years the royalty payments music streaming companies like Spotify and Apple Inc must make to songwriters and music publishers, a trade association for music publishers said. The Copyright Royalty Board of the U.S. Library of Congress issued a written decision that […]

The Rocket Lab Founder Just Launched a Giant Disco Ball Into Orbit

The spaceflight startup Rocket Lab recently launched the second test flight of its Electron rocket, and it marked the first rocket launched from New Zealand. Named “Still Testing,” the 55-foot-tall rocket successfully deployed three commercial satellites. The launch from the Māhia Peninsula made New Zealand the 11th country to deliver a payload into orbit. The […]

Handy Tips To Reduce How Much Food You Throw Out

I share the weekly grocery shopping chores in our household of four, and the last couple of years we’ve really tried to reduce the amount of food we throw out due to spoilage. It’s a real guilt-inducer, from the money wasted to the fact that others don’t have enough to eat. Though the family takes […]

Better Stock: Altria Group (MO) vs. Coca-Cola (KO)

Few stocks have created more wealth for their long-term investors than Altria Group (NYSE: MO) and Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO). The tobacco titan and soda king excel at turning their bountiful cash flows into steadily rising streams of dividend income for their investors. And with their current dividend yields of 3.7% and 3.1%, respectively, Altria and […]

Vancouver Creek to be Restored, Connecting Kitsilano Park to Ocean

Huge community interest in project to bring back First Creek at Tatlow Park, landscape designer says The Vancouver Park Board plans to restore a waterway that once connected Tatlow Park to English Bay. Kitsilano was once home to First Creek, a salmon-filled stream that ran north through Volunteer Park, across what is now Point Grey […]

An Amateur Astronomer Just Discovered a Long-Lost NASA Zombie Satellite

Scott Tilley is an amateur visual and radio astronomer whose hobby is tracking satellites — specifically, classified spy satellites. As detailed at his blog Riddles in the Sky, he recently stumbled across something unusual: a NASA satellite that has been lost in space since 2005, happily chattering away to anyone who would listen. Luckily, Tilley […]

Cost Of Canadian Phone Services Just Dropped By The Most On Record

Statistics Canada on Friday offered up a little more evidence that competition in the wireless business can be a good thing for consumers. The agency’s consumer price index showed the cost of telephone services dropped by a whopping 7.6 per cent in a month in December — the largest monthly drop in records going back […]

Is General Dynamics Corporation a Buy in 2018?

General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) had a mixed year in 2017, posting a full-year 17.83% stock gain and hitting multiyear highs in terms of price-to-earnings ratio and other metrics, yet still trailing most of its defense peers. Will the story of 2018 be one of further gains, or regression toward historical averages? Growth ahead Shares of […]